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Notice to Victims of Illegal Loans made by Argon Credit

Chicago-based lender Argon Credit filed for bankruptcy in December 2016.  Allegations of fraud have also been made against Argon Credit.

This office believes that Argon Credit did not comply with California licensing laws when it made some or all of the loans.

If you were a resident of California when you got the loan, there is a good chance it is not valid.  If so, you do not have to pay that loan back.  If you are contacted by some collection agency claiming you have to pay it back, you should consider not paying.  Instead, contact the Lakeshore Law Center immediately.

In addition, if the loans are proven to be illegal, you are entitled to make a claim for full restitution of all payments you made on the loan.  For example, if you borrowed $2,500 and have paid back $500, you are entitled to block your account from paying any more money and to make a claim for restitution of the $500 you already paid.    If you already paid $4,000 (or whatever) back on the loan, then you can make a claim for $4,000.

The Lakeshore Law Center will represent you if you obtained the loan when you were a California resident.

Even though Argon Credit is in bankruptcy, we have developed another method for you to get restitution without having to make a claim in the bankruptcy court.

It is anticipated there are limited funds available for restitution, so you should move quickly before the funds might be exhausted.  Also, the legal deadline to make a claim–called the “statute of limitations”–is ticking.  Each and  every day that passes wipes out the rights of some of the victims reading this website.

Here is what the Lakeshore Law Center plans to do.  We will make an arbitration claim on behalf of any valid claimant who can verify they obtained a loan and paid some money to Argon Credit.  If you are a valid claimant, we will not charge you any upfront fees or expenses. Please read your legal services agreement that will be sent to you upon request or which is posted online here for full details.

If we win or make a settlement, then you will be paid up to 100% restitution and your legal fees and costs will also be paid.

UPDATE:  You can now hire Lakeshore Law Center online at this website.

If you have any questions or want to move forward with making an arbitration claim against these lenders, just contact us at the Lakeshore Law Center.