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I authorize ATTORNEY (Lakeshore Law Center) to arbitrate a claim for damages or other appropriate relief against whoever is responsible for making the payday or installment loans listed above.

Except as stated below, I am not responsible for ATTORNEY’S legal fees or costs/expenses unless there is a recovery in my favor, whether by settlement or court judgment.  I authorize ATTORNEY to negotiate with the companies I am suing for a separate payment, based upon his “lodestar” and for his costs and expenses, or to file a motion with the arbitrator to compel the companies to pay those fees, costs and expenses.  I understand the term “lodestar” means the ATTORNEY’S hourly fee of $750 multiplied by the number of hours spent on my case.

I understand that once I commence arbitration, if I cancel or abandon that effort without good cause I could be responsible for payment of my ATTORNEY’S legal fees and costs as calculated above.

I have been advised and am aware that contingency fee arrangements are not set by law, and that a contingency fee between ATTORNEY and CLIENT is negotiable. ATTORNEY’S professional skill and experience will be used to serve me, but no specific results can be guaranteed.

In the event I terminate ATTORNEY’S services, he shall have a lien against any recovery I obtain equal to his fee as specified above and I will reimburse any costs/expenses he incurred.

I have the right to accept or reject any settlement offer.  I understand that ATTORNEY’S consent is also required if the settlement amount allocated to fees and costs is less than actual lodestar and costs.  In such a circumstance, unless ATTORNEY provides such consent, I will be responsible for payment of any attorney’s fees or costs not obtained through the settlement.    If I cannot be located, ATTORNEY will act in my best interests and sign settlement documents on my behalf.  I authorize ATTORNEY to endorse any monetary payment check on my behalf and to forward any proceeds thereof to which I am entitled.  With respect to ATTORNEY’S right to recover fees, I may seek the advice of an independent lawyer of my choice and have been given a reasonable opportunity to seek that advice before agreeing to this provision.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement before signing it, and have received a copy of this Agreement upon execution thereof.  I understand that this agreement is not binding on ATTORNEY until he has confirmed his representation of me in writing and has identified which claims against which lender(s) are being arbitrated.