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Evergreen Royalle Settlement

This web page will inform you about a settlement that has been reached in a class action lawsuit against the Evergreen Royalle of Anaheim, California. The lawsuit alleges that Evergreen Royalle illegally forced tenants to move out every 28 days.  The Class is current and former tenants who signed a 28 Day Occupancy Agreement between October 9, 2005 and June 22, 2011.  These contracts violated the law.

A monetary settlement has been reached and the Court has granted final approval of the settlement.  Settlement checks are being mailed to Evergreen Tenants and Former Tenants between November 11, 2011 and November 14, 2011. You should be paid about $300 per contract/violation.

If you received a Claim Form in the mail and it stated how many contracts you signed, then that number can be used to estimate the amount of your  payment.  If you disputed the number then your payment will be based on either the original number or a higher verified number.

You should expect to receive your check by November 18, 2011.  If you do not receive your check it most likely means your address on file is not up to date.  Do not contact this office to change your address.  Instead, you must contact CPT, which is the company actually mailing the check.  You may have to present proof of your new address, such as a driver’s license, and you may have to wait one or more weeks for the original check to be returned to CPT before a replacement check is issued.

To contact CPT, call the Check Support Hotline at 888-305-7140 or email CPT and be sure to put “Evergreen Royalle” in the subject field.