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UCI Grad Student Identity Theft Case

UPDATE 1-21-2011:  The settlement was approved.  Checks were mailed January 5, 2011.  Those who returned a Postcard Claim received approximately $1,047 and those who did not received approximately $247.  If you have not received your check, it was probably mailed to an obsolete address.  Contact CPT Group, the settlement administrator, and advise them of your new address. https://www.cptgroup.com/class_members/contactUs_members.php

A class action was filed against United Healthcare Group which permitted identity theft to be committed against more than 1,000 University of California Irvine graduate students. If you were victimized by this identity theft, you should have received an important legal notice from the Superior Court in August 2010.  It discussed your rights to monetary compensation and how to submit a Claim Form for maximum compensation.  Failure to respond decreased your compensation.