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This web page provides valuable information to persons who may benefit from the pending class action lawsuit against Money Mutual, Montel Williams and related companies.  The companies are being sued for encouraging people to take out loans with illegal unlicensed lenders.  If you are a class member and if the lawsuit is successful, you may get some money but it is not possible to estimate how much that would be.  That depends in part on how much money the companies we are suing got for referring you to certain lenders as well as how much they can pay.

You may have recently received an email with a short version of the Official Court Notice.  Or you may have seen a Google AdWords advertisement.  Either way, you can read the full version of the class notice authorized by the Court by clicking on this class notice.   This is NOT a scam nor is it spam.  This is NOT an attempt to collect a debt or a claim that you owe money.  I am trying to help you get back some of the money you paid on certain loans.

UPDATE:  This case has been set for jury trial on March 26, 2018 in federal court located in Oakland, California.  While you are not required to attend, I might contact a handful of you in coming months and ask you to testify.  However, the trial will be open to public attendance. 

UPDATE:  The Court has extended the deadline to “opt out” of the class action.  The new deadline is September 15, 2017.  This supersedes what is printed in the class notice.  This deadline has now passed and only a few persons excluded themselves from the case.  Everyone else will remain in the case, subject to future rulings of the Court and the results of any jury trial.

You can read a copy of the complaint outlining the allegations against Money Mutual by clicking on complaint.

You can read a copy of the court order granting class certification by clicking on order.

It is not necessary at this point for you to do anything, you will be automatically included in the class action against MoneyMutual.  To exclude yourself from this lawsuit, which means you will not recovery any money if the case is successful, you can download a form which needs to be mailed or emailed as specified in the class notice.  You can download the exclusion form by clicking on exclusion form.

If you want to give me or update your residence address, that is not necessary at this time.  We have an old address on file but nothing is going to be mailed to you at this time.  The best way to know what is happening is by checking this website every few months for an update.  As long as you monitor the website you will get notice of any important developments.

If you are not sure which lenders are at issue, that is not a detail we need to worry about right now.  There is a long list of relevant lenders attached to the full class notice which can be downloaded from this website.

If you don’t believe you ever got a loan from one of the lenders listed at the back of the full notice, then it is possible you applied but were not granted a loan.  If you do not think that is true either, then just disregard this notice and any future notice that might be emailed to you.  Or you can unsubscribe from the mailings by clicking on the link at the bottom of the original email.

An update will be posted on this website www.lakeshorelaw.org/moneymutual later this year so you should check this website every few months.  We are waiting for a ruling from the Judge after a hearing held on October 6, 2017.  It will be posted when available, please do NOT call or email for an update.

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