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Get Money for Illegal Employment Screening Reports

Many tens of thousands of illegal criminal background reports were provided between 2002 and early 2009 about California residents.  If you are victim of one of those reports, you may qualify to receive $10,000 in statutory damages.

Here is what you should do:

1.  Ask your current or former employers, or even prospective employers even if you were not hired, whether they ran a criminal background report on you between 2002 and 2009.  Don’t worry about it, you would not be making a claim against your employer.  The claim is against the screening company only.

2.  If the answer is yes or you are not sure, then ask the employer for a copy of the report or at least the name of the screening company.  If you are asked why you want this, tell them it is “for my files.”

3.  If you can’t get the report or the name of the company, then you will have to call the “major” screening companies and ask them if they have issued any criminal background reports to your prospective employers or actual employers.  I have confirmed that each of these companies was violating the law during some or all of the 2002-early 2009 time frame.

U.S.I.S., 888-270-8978

HireRight, 866-521-6995

Intelius Screening Solutions, 866-338-6739

Corporate Screening Services, 800-229-8606

Employers Choice Online (AKA Diversified Risk Management), 800-424-7011

Call each of these companies and ask for the “consumer relations department.”  Identify yourself and ask them to confirm whether their company has ever issued an employment background report about you.  They may ask you some questions to confirm your identity or they may require you to fill out and return a form.  Either way, you should eventually get this information.  If they DID issue one or more reports, you should request a copy of each one.  Likely you will be charged a small fee to get the copy but it is well worth it and critical to your case.

Once you have a copy of the report, all you need to do is contact Lakeshore Law Center, 714-854-7205.  We will review it for free and let you know if you are entitled to monetary compensation.  There is no obligation.