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Notice to Victims of Illegal Payday Loans made by OneClickCash

This page contains information about how you can get restitution or damages of up to 3 times what you paid to SFS, Inc. aka OneClickCash.

This lender operated out of an Indian reservation although it really was controlled by a Kansas City businessman named Scott Tucker.

The Lakeshore Law Center prosecuted two class actions against Mr. Tucker seeking triple damages and more on behalf of California borrowers from these lenders.  Recently the judges ruled the cases cannot proceed as class actions against him, but instead any class member who wants to recover money will have to attempt to recover that in arbitration.  We have not given up!

We are currently reaching out to persons on a list of potential borrowers that was obtained during the lawsuits.  Not only are such persons important witnesses, but they can also now move forward with a claim against OneClickCash in arbitration.

If you want to keep your chance to recover monetary damages against OneClickCash, you need to take immediate action.  The legal deadline–called the “statute of limitations”–is ticking and each day that passes wipes out the rights of some of the victims reading this website.

Here is what Lakeshore Law Center plans to do.  We will make an arbitration claim on behalf of any valid claimant who can verify they obtained a loan and paid some money to one of the above lenders.  If you are a valid claimant, we will not charge you any upfront fees or expenses.  Please read your legal services agreement that will be sent to you upon request for full details.

If we win or make a settlement with the lender, then you will be paid up to 3 TIMES the amount of money you paid the lender.  Your legal fees and costs will also be paid separately by the lender.

However, we cannot represent you against OneClickCash without your written permission.  Please contact us by phone or email  It would be very helpful if you can find a copy of your loan agreement(s) with the above lender and some proof how much money you paid on the loans and who you paid.  Even if you do have that information handy, please contact us and my office will help you locate the necessary documents.

We must repeat–there is a deadline.  For example, a loan issued on February 15, 2010 may have one deadline and a loan issued on February 16, 2010 will have a deadline of one day later than the above deadline.  Don’t be a victim who forfeits his or her rights to restitution because of waiting too long to act.

If you have any questions or want to move forward with making an arbitration claim against these lenders, just contact us at the Lakeshore Law Center.