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The Lakeshore Law Center announces a class action settlement has been reached with One Source Talent.

Consumers who paid for membership between April 14, 2010 and May 31, 2015 may be entitled to a cash refund of some (and for a small number of persons all) of your membership fee and/or free membership for three months.

Read the official Class Notice. More information can be found at this website. Previously you had until April 25, 2016 to submit a claim form, but it is now to late to do so.

The federal court approved the settlement on June 6, 2016. Settlement checks will be mailed out in mid-July and should be received by the end of July 2016. Members of the Refund Class will receive $500 each. Members of the Main Class who timely submitted a claim will receive $264 and three months of free service. Main Class members who did not submit a claim will still receive three months of service. You have previously been notified which class you belong to.

If you do not receive your check by August 10, 2016, call the Keen Settlement Administrator at 888-474-6564.

Your should be receiving an email (or possibly a letter) with the instructions how to use the three free months of service.