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Information will be provided here about the class action against Events & Adventures.

The Orange County Superior Court granted final approval to a class action settlement against Events & Adventures.  The company is accused of illegally recording interviews with prospective members.  This practice has stopped according to the company.  However, there is no payment available at this time.  Instead, there is a dispute between the “class” and the insurance company for Events & Adventures.

A trial was conducted on November 29, 2017 to determine whether the insurance company must pay $1,000,000 to the Class.  If the court (or an appellate court) makes a final ruling that payment must be made, the 229 class members will be notified and a payment for their share of the fund (less attorney’s fees and court costs) will be sent to them at the last address they have provided my office.  The payment should be more than $2,000.

The Court issued its ruling on December 5, 2017.  It ruled in favor of the Class Members that there IS valid insurance coverage.  This means the insurance company must fund the $1,000,000 settlement.  However, the insurance company has filed an appeal.

Great News! The Court of Appeal ruled on May 31, 2019 that the ruling of insurance coverage was correct.  That means the insurance company loses and must pay the judgment.  On July 23, 2019, the Judge issued an order that the insurance company pay the judgment within 30 days.

Each class member should be receiving a check for approximately $2,830 (two thousand eight hundred thirty dollars).  The checks were mailed out on August 30, 2019.  If you don’t receive your check by September 10, 2019, email us at [email protected].